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  • The Enlightened: The Quantum Conduit

    The Enlightened: The Quantum Conduit

    1: The Discovery Dr. Elizabeth Morgan stumbled backwards, nearly falling over the tangle of wires spreading across the laboratory floor. She steadied herself against the edge of the workbench, heart pounding with exhilaration. On the monitor in front of her, lines of data spilled down the screen, confirming what she had just witnessed with her…

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  • From Dizzying Infatuation to Steadfast Devotion

    From Dizzying Infatuation to Steadfast Devotion

    It was a Tuesday afternoon when Claire first laid eyes on David across the crowded coffee shop. In an instant, something sparked inside her – a gravitational pull she couldn’t explain. Her chest tightened and her breath quickened as she stared, transfixed by his kind eyes and easy smile. When he caught her gaze, Claire…

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  • What is the meaning of life? – Go down to the dock and get some fries!

    In 2011, Hannah Haxford and her husband were walking in Bridlington, a seaside town, when something amusing happened. Her husband bought a packet of fries. Suddenly a fearless herring gull swooped down towards them. In Hannah’s words, it was “bold as brass.” Her husband threw a couple of fries toward the herring gull, and the…

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  • Ode to My Virtuous Sister

    Sixty-four years ago today, i was born. As my birthday arrives, childhood memories of my elder sister occasionally float through my mind. I can only pity my actual junior high school education level, without any writing experience, and not knowing how to write a memoir. All i have is the natural urge to express my…

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