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  • What is the meaning of life? – Go down to the dock and get some fries!

    In 2011, Hannah Haxford and her husband were walking in Bridlington, a seaside town, when something amusing happened. Her husband bought a packet of fries. Suddenly a fearless herring gull swooped down towards them. In Hannah’s words, it was “bold as brass.” Her husband threw a couple of fries toward the herring gull, and the…

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  • The Inevitability of Fragmentation: Division as a Concession to Feudal Realities

    Why did European rulers feel the need to divide their territories multiple times throughout history? Many people have the causality backwards. The reality was not that division led to fragmentation, but rather that fragmentation led to division. In the imagined feudal system of later generations, lords could arbitrarily dispose of their territories as if molding…

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  • Ode to My Virtuous Sister

    Sixty-four years ago today, i was born. As my birthday arrives, childhood memories of my elder sister occasionally float through my mind. I can only pity my actual junior high school education level, without any writing experience, and not knowing how to write a memoir. All i have is the natural urge to express my…

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  • Remembering Zarina Hashmi: An Artist Who Found Home in Her Art

    On April 25, 2020, the world lost Zarina Hashmi, an Indian-American printmaker and sculptor whose minimalist works explored themes of home, exile, borders, language, and memory. She was 82. Hashmi’s life was shaped by displacement. Born in Aligarh, India in 1937, her family home was destroyed during the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan imposed…

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  • What If I Won $500 Million?

    Here is a draft of an urban story in English titled “What If I Won $500 Million?”: There are differing opinions on whether $500 million is a lot of money or barely enough. But whether $500 million is sufficient really depends on one basic principle – what do you want to do with it? If…

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  • A Ski Trip to Remember: My Mysterious Memory Lapses

    The First Time It was the first time I went skiing with some friends and one friend’s mom. My friend had just started making short videos, recording his daily life with his mom. He was wearing a camera on his head to film everything. When we got to the ski resort, we started having fun…

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  • Strings of Fate

    The boy, whose name is Adam, rushes back home and finds his mother barely clinging to life. Her breathing is labored, and she is unable to speak. Adam takes out the string from the box and hesitates for a moment before he cuts it in half, just as the note instructed him to do. Immediately,…

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