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Category: ScienceFiction

  • The Enlightened: The Quantum Conduit

    The Enlightened: The Quantum Conduit

    1: The Discovery Dr. Elizabeth Morgan stumbled backwards, nearly falling over the tangle of wires spreading across the laboratory floor. She steadied herself against the edge of the workbench, heart pounding with exhilaration. On the monitor in front of her, lines of data spilled down the screen, confirming what she had just witnessed with her…

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  • Escape from the Zompocalypse: A Budget Survival Guide

    Ukraine, Prypiat, Avchyeya Checkpoint As the Geiger counters buzzed from the radiation exceeding safety limits, we lined up to pass through the checkpoint. The inspection was simple – they took away the Geiger counters and recorded the readings. But from the corner of my eye, I noticed the white guy behind me was shaking. It…

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