Rare Saga

The unexplored saga story world.

Strings of Fate

The boy, whose name is Adam, rushes back home and finds his mother barely clinging to life. Her breathing is labored, and she is unable to speak. Adam takes out the string from the box and hesitates for a moment before he cuts it in half, just as the note instructed him to do. Immediately, he hears a loud thud coming from outside, and he rushes to see what happened.

To his surprise, he finds a man lying on the ground, gasping for breath. The man is one of the village elders who had been ill for months. Adam realizes that he has somehow swapped his mother’s fate with the man’s. He is both shocked and relieved that he has saved his mother’s life.

Days pass, and Adam’s mother slowly recovers. She is grateful to her son for his bravery and determination to save her life. However, Adam is plagued by guilt and regret. He knows that he has condemned the elder to death and that his actions have severe consequences.

One night, as he sits alone, lost in thought, he hears a knock on the door. It is the three old women who had helped him before. They ask to come in, and Adam hesitantly obliges. The women sit down and tell him that they know what he had done and why. They also tell him that he has a choice to make now. He can either accept his actions and live with the consequences or try to undo what he has done and face the risk of losing his mother again.

Adam is torn. He knows that he cannot live with the guilt of his actions, but he also cannot bear to lose his mother again. After much contemplation, he decides to take the risk and undo what he has done.

The three old women guide him through a ritual that involves a lot of magic and incantations. Adam is nervous, but he trusts them. Finally, they cut the string again, and Adam feels a sudden jolt of energy coursing through his body. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself back in his room, his mother lying next to him, still asleep.

He checks on the elder and finds him alive and well, sitting by the fire in his home. Adam is overjoyed and relieved. He knows that he has made the right choice. From that day on, he vows to use his newfound knowledge of magic and the strings of fate to help others, just like the three old women had helped him.